Engineering model viewer InterBridge Lite


The software is intended for visualization and interactive navigation of 3D models and 2D drawings, including large spatially distributed models of technological and linear objects. It is a convenient tool intended for interactive viewing of projects and studying of 3D models of industrial objects in the course of design, construction and operation. The simple and clear interface opens access to information even if you have no experience in working with CAD products.

The software allows users to gather information on the object from various sources and different CAD/PDM platforms in a single model, to transfer graphic and attributive information in the p3db format between all participants of the life cycle of an industrial or other object.

NEOLANT Service is the copyright owner of the tool for viewing engineering models InterBridge Lite (InterView).


  • High-performance, simple and easy-to-use interface.

  • Applies its own compact, quickly loadable format for model data storing (p3db). Supports saving of project settings and viewing of lists containing detailed descriptions.

  • Supports material settings and texture mapping, layers within the model file, raster maps of large size, allows users to load multiple models as logical layers, manage transparency, lighting, and display models as a wireframe grid.

  • Allows users to measure distances (georeferenced), read coordinates and dimensions of individual elements.

  • Allows viewing attributive information about selected elements stored directly in a model or in a database.

  • Allows users to detect collisions (intersections/conflicts) taking into account tolerance and skip options.

  • Supports searching for elements by internal attributes and database fields based on queries, searching by text; contains a special wizard for queries formation.

  • Supports printing and saving of selected images to an image characterized by anti-aliasing and high resolution (up to 24576 x 24576).

  • Support of GPS receivers (based on the NMEA protocol) makes it possible to track the observer's position on the map, save a trajectory of movement and characteristic points in the model.

  • Additional modules of InterBridge allow creating links between elements of the model and forming of arbitrary documents, creating a database of tasks of the project, showing the status of the operations, generating reports for selected tasks, creating specifications for selected elements.

InterBridge Free

In order to install the software it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • Unpack the archive contents to the directory C:\Program Files\p3db;

  • Run p3dbview.exe once to register corresponding file extensions.