CAD design system POLYNOM CAD


POLYNOM CAD – Russian BIM-tool intended for creating and updating information models on complex technological objects at all stages of the life cycle: design, construction, operation, reconstruction.

A user can initiate development of the 3D information model of any object at any stage of creation and management:

  • when designing a future object or facility to obtain its 3D model (including 2D documentation) also improving the quality of the project through automatic collision checking, as well as applying capabilities of 4D-6D technologies at the following stages;

  • during object or facility construction for operative re-routing during designer's supervision;

  • during operation of an existing facility for efficient reconstruction/modernization, as well as for creation of engineering data management systems (EDMS).

NEOLANT Service is the copyright owner of the POLYNOM CAD system.

Functional capabilities

POLYNOM CAD design system provides design of technological solutions, electricity supply, metal structures, HVAC, architectural solutions sections at "Design" (D) and "Working Documentation" (WD) stages.

All necessary tools and functions for designing technological objects are implemented in the system.


Structure of POLYNOM CAD modules:

  • Technological piping and equipment.

  • Architectural and construction elements.

  • Support and suspension elements.

  • Ventilation and heating.

  • Electrical trays and cables.

  • 3D symbol builder.

  • Drawing and specifications generation.

  • Operation with laser scan point clouds.


POLYNOM CAD system allows pipeline data export to PCF ISOGEN format file, which is also supported by START family of programs (NTP Truboprovod LLC) for designing and calculation of strength and rigidity of pipelines for various applications.